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Some things start out in a rather harmless manner - initially I only wanted to try if I could implement the design draft for the new Web site of the in a standard compliant fashion. Meanwhile I nearly got a complete, functional site whose menus are being generated mostly automatic. Layout and colour design are configurable and - well - now the initial draft is implemented as a special case of a pretty well abstracted solution.

However, content is still missing or the contents are not up to date. Currently I am working on the system in order to facilitate the online maintenance of content without the requirement to know about the implementation detail and I hope that this will be understood and accepted as invitation for cooperation. If not, then I will at least have my very own content management system with which I would be able to make web sites in the same way a magician pulls rabbits out of his hat. ;-)

Since I ditched the job as web-monkey for SG Stern I have a little more time again, so I decided to finally build my very own site on the WWW. I would like to provide some information on underwater photography and local dive sites. Even though I planned to do this earlier there wasn't any time left for it due to work at the web pages of the SG Stern.

I also use GNU software and I use it almost exclusively and it's not only often hard to find decent solutions that solely rely on free software but it has also been a good and well-established practise to share source code and little snippets of knowledge among the UNIX and especially GNU folks. I had difficulties getting my printer to work some years ago for instance, so I hacked a filter for magicfilter and shared that so that others could put the printer to work without further hacking.

Finding tools for digital photography also proved difficult, so I will probably hack on some helpful scripts up to the point of general usability, so it's not unlikely that this will be just another subject to focus on while expanding the site. My spare time is quite limited, though, so don't expect too much, especially because I don't hack for a living - I am just doing it for the fun of it and of course because there are always some things you want the computer to do on his own rather than typing each and every command repeatedly in yourself.

Underwater Photography

I did always regret not to be able to catch the impressions under water with a camera and since I am now able to take images under water this will be something that could qualify as a project. Especially in the muddy waters of local lakes it's rather difficult to get good results, so I will need to practise it with some determination in order to get any noticeable improvements at all. Of course I want to share the results of my efforts with at least a few friends, so the ability to use the web sever comes in handy.

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