The photo equipment used

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SanDisk-Imagemate.jpg Optosys-CF.jpg LM-Titan_Subtronic-Mega.jpg
Large image file: 400 x 300 Pixel - 9 kB Large image file: 190 x 168 Pixel - 9 kB Large image file: 800 x 418 Pixel - 37 kB
The card reader, the memory card and the UW-housing with strobe.

In order to be able to use the camera with my GNU/Linux system I bought a CompactFlash card reader from SanDisk that emulates a SCSI drive in a transparent fashion and encapsulates that in a standard way over USB. With this approach the saving of camera settings within EXIF headers is especially invaluable for underwater photography because this way one does not only get results fast but one is also able to trace down how the images were taken.

Along with the camera I bought a fast 512 MB CompactFlash card from Optosys. After promising tests under water with a Mecablitz 54 MZ-3 strobe light from Metz within a bag from ewa-marine I finally bought a real housing from Light & Motion along with a Subtronic underwater strobe light. All in all surely not a cheap solution, but the camera handling as well as the reachable distance between strobe light and lens (reflecting debris) speak for themselfes. Aside from that - with the wetmatable aperture lenses for macro and wide angle one is pretty flexible. Professionals may have higher demands - for ambitioned amateurs, however, the configuration barely leaves anything to be desired.