The projects from the past

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When I joined the employee sports group for SCUBA diving of the SG Stern at the Stuttgart plant (DaimlerChrysler AG) I found that the web pages they built using Frontpage had problems with proper display and there have been other things I noticed as well which I wanted to improve. I devoted myself to the job and in retrospect I have to admit that it was quite an unrewarding task. At some point I faced facts and ditched the job along with my membership.

The technical stuff behind the site is still based on server-side include directives; I spiced up the rather spartan look with hand-drawn, JavaScript animated Icons and because of the far-reaching division between navigation, layout and content I assume it would be possible to switch the site over to PHP in order to make maintenance still easier. Rumour has it that people consider going back into the stone-age to Frontpage-based maintenance. Especially because I indeed spent quite some effort when it came to documentation and explanations I would be more than dissapointed of the maintainer who took over my job. However, the project is history and then again it's no longer my problem anyway.
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Cross-reference to the last Archive of the Project (09/2001)

The first web pages I ever published were pages for the computer fair presentation of the BaWue-Net e.V. in 1999 at the Hobby & Elektronik Fair in Stuttgart.

The technical side of the site used to be rather rudimentary, without CSS 2 support and similar things there wasn't much one could do about the looks, and because of this nasty things like background bitmaps, navigational elements as JavaScript-animated bitmaps and JavaScript-animated icons found their way into the design. However, the result was quite usable according to past circumstances and it fullfilled the goal to present the BaWue-Net at the computer fair rather well.
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The Computer Fair pages of the BaWue-Net 1999.